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Message from Chairperson

Dr. Chen-Feng Cheng

Dear colleagues and friends of TAO, 

Amid the bind of coronavirus pandemic, most dental specialists are deeply immersed in the harsh condition no matter when we are facing clinical work or learning process.. 

TAO 2021 annual meeting organizers have well received these messages and are trying to seek out the floodlit of opportunities that could overcome the fierce wave we are facing; moreover, we are working on the ways to deal with these impacts with the least loss.

Therefore, in 2021, we plan to have virtual scientific lectures in our two-days meeting (12/4-12/5) event. We’ve invited renowned influential world-class speakers addressing the theme- “Rise Up To the New Challenges of Orthodontics”.

By attending this meeting, all participants definitely can take the opportunity to seize the new trend of our profession, meanwhile, to explore the solutions for settling the issues happening post pandemic era.

Please check out our registration page and click on the early-bird column for securing discount registration fee to attend this first-ever digital edition of TAO 2021 annual meeting. Thank you!
Best regards,
Chen-feng Cheng