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Message from TAO president




     Dr. Eddie Hsiang-Hua Lai



For every four years, Taichung team is holding the TAO annual meeting. For every four years, friends and orthodontists from APOS ( Asian Pacific Orthodontic Society ) are expecting Knowledge innovation, brain storming, fun, good cuisine, and hospitality.
This year will be no exception.

The theme of this year's TAO meeting is "Innovation and Beyond ", which covers the latest ideas and innovations in orthodontics lately. As we progress rapidly in this amazing orthodontic and digital world, there is still a lot more to explore and learn. Is there a limitation or any boundaries? Is there something beyond our imagination and innovation? Let's come to 2019 TAO annual meeting and witness by your own.   
This is not only a face‐to‐face knowledge interaction conference but also many different activities are offered to have some fun during your stay that you will regret if you miss.            
Taichung is a city bragging about its nice weather all year round. It is located in the central part of Taiwan. The best season to visit Taichung is the winter time. Because it’s not cold at all. Instead it’s warm and cozy. This unique city has many delicious gourmets, many food varieties to satisfy different tastes. It also features gorgeous city skyline, night markets, and some wonderful city facilities such as the new City Hall, National Museum of Natural Science, National Art Museum, and etc..

Taichung exhibits its' beautiful scenery and landscape too. World class tourist spot, Sun‐Moon Lake, Mt. Alishan , Shito, etc. are good examples. Because of the special geographic condition, Taichung is a city which includes the ocean, wetlands , hills and high mountains exceeding 3000 meters. Certainly it is the best choice for ecotourism in Taiwan. You’ll enjoy a forest bath and get a full rest. You can go birdwatching with a very easy access. If you prefer historic architecture and Taiwanese culture, there are many places for you to visit.

Again, it is my great pleasure to welcome you and invite you to experience everything in Taichung and in TAO annual meeting on Dec 7 & 8, 2019.
President, Taiwan Association of Orthodontists (TAO)
Spinx Shih-Ping Lu, DDS, MS