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Fullon Hotel Lihpao Land Fullon Hotel Lihpao Land
Fullon Hotel Lihpao LandFullon Hotel Lihpao Land

About the Fullon Hotel LihPao Land
Fullon Hotel Lihpao Resort is located in the middle of Taiwan, close to the Taichung Yamay Interchange, about five minutes drive away.
In response to the happy ambiance of the water and land parks, its colorful appearance is designed to welcome all of our guests, creating an unique style that combines both surprise and modernization.  The Lihpao Land also draws up the entire services and facilities to satisfy the needs of both parents and kids, including bright guest rooms, themed restaurants with delicious dishes on its menu, a fun and recreational environment and a shopping street connecting the Lihpao Land and our hotel. By fulfilling the lodging needs of family vacations and a wide range of clients, a perfect vacation is brought forth for all staying guests. brought forth for all staying guests.


Accommodation Information:
Address: No. 88, Furong Road, Houli Dist,Taichung, Taiwan
  • Star RoadWe have all kinds of entertainment facilities, including a media room for karaoke!
  • Star Lounge:We offer various beverages and liquor. (Reminder: Be moderate in drinking to stay healthy.) We have recreational and entertainment facilities including billiards, electronic darts, Wii and Xbox. This place is a paradise for you and your friends.
  • La Fontaine Club:The recreational facilities available are the gym, children’s playground, sauna for men and women, and outdoor swimming pool. The sauna for men and women consists of the cold pool, hot pool, steam bath and sauna chamber.
  • Royal Garden Plaza:A gorgeous garden over 3000 sq m consists of a fountain, goddess statues and various landscapes. You can hear bugs and birds,stroll and take a rest in this secret garden like in a dream.
  • Lihpao Outlet Mall:Lihpao Group has built the largest recreational area in Taiwan. The mall has the biggest Ferris wheel in Taiwan and the food court with the most seats in Taiwan. The building is integrated with the style of Portofino, an Italian tourist town. This mall has various functions and it is great for family outings! Lihpao Outlet Mall is quite different from older malls. Its design is based on bringing happiness to guests. It includes themes such as family, fashion, leisure, entertainment and dining. It is built based on concepts of vacation and entertainment. By integrating with Lihpao Land, Fullon Hotel and F3 Racing Park, Lihpao Outlet Mall gives everyone so much fun!
  • Lihpao Land:This theme park has various famous facilities, including Discovery Walk, a paradise on land, Mala Bay, a water park with the largest wave pool, and room escape game with 9 levels. It is the most popular theme park in Taiwan.
  • Houfeng Bikeway:The 4.5 km bike trail starts from Houli Horse Farm, goes through Tunnel No.9 on Old Mountain Line, passes through a steel beam bridge and ends at the bridge of National Highway No.4, where it meets Dongnfeng Bicycle Green Way. The total length of Houfeng Bikeway and Dongnfeng Bicycle Green Way is approx. 18 km. These two bikeways are unique, ancient and recreational. The steel beam bridge crossing Dajia River and the old bike tunnel with special construction are particularly attractive. You can watch the field and natural views along the trail and ride your bike to cross the iron bridge and pass through the tunnel. This is surely a unique recreational bike trail for you to enjoy.
  • Yamay Tourism Sugar Factory:Yamay Tourism Sugar Factory has been around for over a hundred years. It has the oldest CHP equipment, which was quite advanced back then. The factory has the only chimney bottom tunnel in Taiwan. Tourists can walk through the tunnel and reach the bottom of the chimney at the end of the tunnel. Here, tourists can have fun looking outside from the chimney.
  • Get off at Taichung station and transfer to free shuttle bus (please make a reservation on the website) or Ubus No.155 to Lihpao Resort.
  • Get off at Taichung International Airport, transfer to bus No.302 to KUO-KUANG eBus  Chaoma Station, and transfer to free shuttle bus to Lihpao Resort.
  • Get off at Fengyuan Railway Station and transfer to city bus.

Traffic Information
Distance from Grand Hyatt Taipei to conference hall (Taipei International Convention Center ) about 0.4 kilometers
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FAX: +886 4 2556 1388

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