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Program at a Glance
Invited Speakers
Date Name Nationality Topic
12/6 Rolf Behrents USA The Meaning and Value of Complication and Failure in Orthodontics 
12/6 John Kaku Japan My Story about How Aligner Cases Grew in The Office
12/6 Sabrina Chiung Hua Huang Taiwan My Aligner Journey
12/7 Rolf Behrents USA The State of Our Art and Science as a Guide to Practice
12/7 Chung-How Kau USA What Imaging and Jaw Tracking Has Taught Us about TMJ Problems
12/7 David Turpin USA Changing Modes of Decision-making 
12/7 Ching-Chang Ko USA Machine Learning with Integrated Orthodontic Systems -A Future Direction
12/7 Philip Benson UK Demineralised Lesions During Orthodontic Treatment: Evidence-Based Prevention
12/7 Derrick Willmot UK Everyday Orthodontics and New Innovations. The Good, The Bad and Medico-Legal Problems
12/7 Kee-Joon Lee Korea New Paradigm for Nonsurgical Treatment of Hyperdivergent Faces:  Total Arch Intrusion and The Symphyseal Remodeling
12/7 Seong-Hun Kim Korea Tooth Bone Borne MSE: Could This be the Infinity Stones?
12/7 Shigeki Takahashi Japan Innovation in the Early Treatment of Skeletal Maxillary Protrusion: Indications for Use of Appliances
12/7 Keiji Moriyama Japan Surgical Orthodontic Treatment for Mandibular Prognathism with Facial Asymmetry
12/7 Nikhilesh Vaid India "The Emperor's New Clothes !"- A reality Check on Aligner Science !
12/7 Wen-Ching Ko Taiwan Surgical-Orthodontic Correction in Facial Asymmetry: Clinical Practice and Treatment Limitation
12/7 Yu-chuan Tseng Taiwan Soft Tissue Profile, Cheek Line and Lip Appearance Changes Following Mandibular Setback Surgery
12/7 Sabrina Chiung Hua Huang Taiwan Orthodontics for Orthognathic Surgery : Innovation and Beyond
12/8 George Anka Japan Reconstruction of Canted Occlusal Plane and The Introduction of Anka-Jorge Plate. 
12/8 Kyosuke Mizutani Japan Effect of Adhesive Type on Orthodontic Treatment in Direct Bonding.
12/8 Shouichi Miyawaki Japan Importance of Occlusion, Our Clinical Application of Miniscrew and Physiological Significance of Sleep Bruxism
12/8 John Kaku Japan Digital Surgical-orthodontics - Better, Safer, Faster, and Easier !
12/8 Tian-Min Xu China Physiologic Anchorage Control:  New Concept and Scientific Evidence
12/8 Yan-Heng Zhou China Invisalign Treatment for Skeletal Malocclusion
12/8 Stephanie Shih-Hsuan Chen Taiwan From Fixed Appliances to Clear Aligners: Embracing the Powerful New Tool
12/8 Hoi-Shing Luk Taiwan Aligner Therapy- Can It Go Further?
12/8 James, Cheng-Yi Lin Taiwan Beyond the Limits of Clear Aligners: Opening the Vertical Dimension in Difficult Interdisciplinary Cases
12/8 Johnny, Joung-Lin Liaw Taiwan Innovative Applications of TADs
12/8 Sam, Sheng-Pin Hsu Taiwan The Beauty of 3D Orthodontics -- Less Trouble and More Excitement 
12/8 Kelvin Wen-Chung Chang Taiwan Interdisciplinary Treatment in Digital Era
12/8 YING KWEI TSENG Taiwan Vertical Problem:  Anterior Open Bite Innovation & Beyond
12/8 Johnson, Hsin-Chung Cheng Taiwan The Challenges of Orthodontic Treatments on the Congenitally Missing One or Two Lower Incisor Cases
12/8 Chris Chang Taiwan Gummy Smile Correction 
12/8 Eddie, Hsiang-Hua Lai Taiwan The Role of Orthodontics in Implant Dentistry 
12/8 Chia-Tze Kao Taiwan The New Vision of Orthodontics Tooth Movement Biomechanism
12/8 Eric, Jein-Wein Liou Taiwan Orthodontic Treatment for Facial Asymmetry by Using Yin-Yang Archwire and Bite Raiser 
12/8 John Jin-Jong Lin Taiwan Think Twice Before You Extract: The Role of Auto Tooth Transplantation in Orthodontics