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Main Instructor Yu-Chih Wang
Department / Institution Department of Craniofacial Orthodontics, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Taipei branch, Taiwan
Classification Case report
This case report presents the correction of a patient with severe class II division 2 by surgical- orthodontic treatment.
A 27-year-old male came to clinic with chief complaint of retruded chin. Clinical and radiographic examinations showed an Angle Class II Division 2 malocclusion, a convex profile obtuse nasolabial angle, retrognathic mandible (ANB, 8˚), maxillary dental retrusion, short lower anterior face, and narrow oro-pharyngeal airway (PASmin, 6.5mm). Surgical-orthodontic treatment was planned to correct his severe skeletal discrepancy, facial profile and airway function. Presurgical orthodontics involved creating proper upper and lower incisor inclination and vertical position and arch compatibility. After 11 months of presurgical treatment, the orthognathic surgery was performed including Le Fort I 1-piece osteotomy, bilateral sagittal split osteotomies and genioplasty. Straight facial profile, Class I canine and molar relationship, and improvement of airway dimension were successfully obtained after 20 months of orthodontic treatment.
「Discussion and Summary」
Treatment of an adult Class II patient requires careful diagnosis and a treatment plan involving esthetic, occlusal, and functional considerations. Different treatment options depend on the chief complaint, airway, alveolar bone thickness and severity of the skeletal jaw base discrepancy which will be further discussed in the presentation.
Surgical-orthodontic treatment of a severe Class II Division 2 malocclusion