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Main Instructor Jian-Hong Yu
Department / Institution Department of Orthodontics, China Medical University Hospital Medical Center, Taiwan
Classification Case report
「Objective」 Nonsurgical and nonextraction treatment of facial asymmetry combined with skeletal Class III tendency case with LH wire will be discussed.
「Case」 A 23-year-old female with a chief complaint of facial asymmetry and anterior crossbite came to our clinic for treatment. Clinical examination found facial asymmetry combined with skeletal Class III tendency. Upper left canine crossbite and crowding of anterior teeth were also noted. We used LH wire not-in-slot technique to eliminate occlusal interferences and to correct crossbite. Bite turbo was performed on upper left first and second molar to adjust the mandible position and for lower molar bracketing. Finishing elastics were used for interdigitation. The active treatment was finished after 15 months and the improvement of appearance and dentition alignment were noticeable.
「Discussion and Summary」 In this case, the properties of LH wire (super-elasticity and shape memory) for alignment of poor positioned teeth, as well as the use of not-in-slot technique and intermaxillary elastics were discussed. We used bite turbo to adjust mandible position as well as align the midline and correct the facial asymmetry appearance. Finally, after 15 months of therapy, a desirable outcome was achieved.

LH Wire for Nonsurgical and Nonextraction Treatment of Facial Asymmetry Combined with Skeletal Class III Tendency Case