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Main Instructor Yi-Hao Lee
Department / Institution Orthodontic department, Kaoshsiung Chang Gung Memorial Hospital
Classification Case report
Cross bite are common in patients for seeking orthodontic treatment. When the target region reveals complete cross bite, the orthodontic management is mainly to clear the occlusal interference by occlusal raising. There are many approaches, for instance bite turbo, removable bite plate and occlusal splint, to accomplish the treatment. This report presents a case of skeletal Class I relationship with facial asymmetry and unilateral anterior cross bite, we demonstrate the mechanics to accomplish a successful treatment.
「Case report」
A 30-year-old female came with the concern about her reverse bite of anterior teeth. Clinical examination revealed that anterior cross bite from upper left lateral incisor to first premolar. Meanwhile, lower midline deviate to left and facial asymmetry was found.  After differential diagnosis, full mouth comprehensive orthodontic treatment was performed and the unilateral anterior cross bite was corrected by cross elastic accompanying with a lower stabilized bite plate wearing. After 33-months, the maladaptive occlusion was restored with solid interdigitation.
「Discussion and Summary」
In this report, we introduce the mechanism for cross bite correction that is efficiently and reduce the unwanted side effect. Base on that, the stabilized bite plate appliance was then used with optimizing outcomes.
An Adult Patient Diagnosed as Skeletal Class I with Facial Asymmetry and Unilateral Anterior Cross Bite be Treated by Stabilized Bite Plate