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Main Instructor 余建宏
Department / Institution Department of Orthodontics / China Medical University and Medical Center, Taiwan
Classification Case report
「Objective」 LH for the treatment of a young female low angle Skeletal Class III with anterior crossbite and linguversion upper second premolars will be discussed.
「Case」 A 13-year-old young female came to our clinic with a chief complaint of unattractive smile due to anterior skeletal crossbite. After clinical examination she was diagnosed as Skeletal Class III with anterior skeletal crossbite and lingualized #15. The active treatment started with the use of Class III intermaxillary elastics for bite raising with leveling and alignment of the upper arch. After LH Crossbite Arch in the upper arch was applied, the correction of the skeletal crossbite and the creation of space for anterior dental alignment was accomplished in only four days. Afterwards, distalization of #16 and #17 was done with open coil springs creating space for the inclusion of #15 and bite raising. Mechanism involved the use of open coil spring, and elastic chain for space closure as well as intermaxillary elastics (IME), aiding in intercuspal interdigitation. A harmonious arch coordination as well as a well aligned dental arch was achieved.
「Discussion and Summary」 In this case, the property of the LH wire (super-elasticity and shape memory) for the correction of anterior skeletal crossbite, as well as decision making for the treatment of lingualized premolars and bite raising mechanics will be examined. Finally, after 2 year and 4 months of therapy, a desirable outcome was achieved.
LH for The Treatment of A Young Female Skeletal Class III with Anterior Skeletal Crossbite and Lingualized Upper Second Premolar