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6 詹雅嵐 / Ya-Lan Chan
6 詹雅嵐 / Ya-Lan Chan
Main Instructor Hsin-Chung Cheng
Department / Institution Orthodontic Division of Dental department, Taipei Medical University Hospital
Classification Research report

Taiwan is made up of various ethnic groups and indigenous people, which means that the demographic composition in Taiwan is different from that of China. The aim of this study was to gather all studies related to Taiwanese cephalometric norms in anterior dental relationship.

Research papers were selected from electronic databases and physical libraries, and were based on the following criteria: (1) Taiwanese population, (2) Angle class I occlusion and no apparent crowding and spacing, (3) having an acceptable appearance and no obvious facial asymmetry, and (4) never accepted orthodontic treatment previously. All samples were grouped by age and calculated separately.

Non-Taiwanese articles and studies not related to the present study were excluded. 10 studies, whose full texts were assessed for eligibility and had met the inclusion criteria, were included in the analysis. In the anteroposterior dimension, the U lip and L lip to E-line were both smaller than TAO norms, which was consistent with the result presenting less facial convexity. The upper and lower incisors’ degrees of proclination and protrusion were similar with TAO norms.

This study provided a stronger statistical support for Taiwanese norms in anterior dental relationship through a meta-analysis.

The Study of Anterior Dental Relationship in Taiwanese Population