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Main Instructor Heng-Ming Chang
Department / Institution Chang Bing Show Chwan Memorial Hospital
Classification Research report
Maxillary expansion is necessary when treating patients with transverse maxillary constriction. Recently, miniscrew-assisted rapid palatal expansion (MARPE) appliances were developed with miniscrews incorporated into the expansion screw body. By doing so, the damages to the teeth and periodontium could be limited. However, some undesirable effects could happen during MARPE procedure. In this study, we aim to record any possible complication related to insertion and expansion of MARPE appliance, and to summarize the incidence of each.
Materials and Methods
Fourteen adult patients (mean age, 25.1 years) having experienced the MARPE procedure were enrolled. All treatment procedures were completed by one operator. Cone beam computed tomography images were taken before and after insertion of MARPE. Interviews of the fourteen patients were conducted by one interviewer.
Results and Discussion
Potential adverse effects include gingival swelling, soft tissue impingement, epistaxis while miniscrews insertion, distortion of components, asymmetric expansion, and failure of suture-opening etc. The mean pain score during MARPE is 3.8 (Visual Analogue Scale from 0-10).
Although some undesirable side effects were reported, MARPE still aids in correction of the maxillary constriction in adults. The mean pain score is mild and the complications are relatively tolerable. In consideration of the risk and benefit of MARPE, we still believe MARPE is a considerably safe procedure.
Potential Complications Related to Miniscrew-assisted Rapid Palatal Expansion