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Main Instructor 李忠興
Department / Institution Tri-Service General Hospital , Department of Dentistry
Classification Case report
 The issue that whether functional education appliance is effective to the growing children is always debatable within the orthodontic academies in America or Europe. The conventional functional education appliances varied in their designs for different malocclusions. Some patients in the mixed dentition with class III malocclusion were suggested re-evaluation or even orthognathic surgery while grow up. Therefore, we wonder that if there is any appliance that may improve the malocclusion in the early age? Recently, some scholars treated the malocclusion with growth problems using natural balance theory that included respiration, swallowing and muscle training and so on.
    In this report, A 9-year-old growing girl with class III malocclusion treated with functional education appliances and myofunctional exercises. After following up for 6 months, the anterior cross bite was improved into edge-to-edge bite. Moreover, the results of cephalometry showed that both maxilla and mandible changed gradually, and the patient’s profiles became more harmonious. In the superimposition, the mandible showed clockwise rotation and the maxilla grew downward and forward to achieve better relationship. After 30 months, the occlusion gets better and better. In our presentation, functional education appliance is one of novel treatment options of Class III juvenile patients with maxilla deficiency and vertical growth pattern not only in skeletal growth modification but also in dental alignment. Although the short-term effects are bracing, the further follow-up is still needed.

Treatment of Growing Skeletal Class III Patient with Functional Education Appliance- A Case Report