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Main Instructor Li-Fan Hsu
Chung-Chen Jane Yao
Department / Institution Department of Dentistry, National Taiwan University Hospital, Taipei, Taiwan
Classification Case report
「Objective」Maxillary expansion can achieve good dental and skeletal effects in children with narrow maxillary arches. It is a predictable procedure commonly treated for upper crowded dentition and posterior crossbite in children and adolescents.
「Case」 A 13-year-old boy presented with Class II malocclusion and severe maxillary transverse deficiency. Anterior esthetic was compromised with malformed right central incisor, congenital missing lateral incisors and impacted left central incisors.
Orthodontic expansion was sequentially performed with a Haas expander for a month and with 1 month retention, and then a second Hyrax appliance for further expansion. Intermolar widths expansion of 7mm was achieved . Full mouth fixed appliance was bonded on the 4th month, we extracted bilateral lower left 1st premolars, substituting lateral incisors with canines in the maxilla. After 26 months of treatment, an acceptable occlusion was achieved. We then arranged composite resin built-up of the upper incisors for the enhancement of esthetic.
「Discussion and Summary」
Transverse malocclusions due to maxillary width deficiency have been uniquely responsive to rapid correction in children and adolescents. With proper treatment planning, maxillary expansion can achieve good dental and skeletal effects in children even in severe maxillary transverse deficiency cases.
Management of Severe Maxillary Transverse Deficiency in Child: A Case Report