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85 况成璿 / Cheng-Shiuan Kuang
85 况成璿 / Cheng-Shiuan Kuang
Main Instructor Yu-Ming Liang
Department / Institution Orthodontic Dentistry, Department of Stomatology, Taipei Veterans General Hospital, Taipei, Taiwan
Department of Dentistry, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University
Classification case report

Canine substitution is a treatment option often provided for the patients with malformed or missing upper lateral incisors. Trauma, caries or diseases such as external cervical root resorption can also lead to extraction of these teeth. We present a case using canine substitution to treat excessive overjet, improve the facial profile, and avoid further treatment to tooth #12.

A 15 years old female came to our department. Her chief complaint was malalignment and protrusive facial profile. Clinical and radiologic examination showed she was a case with severe class II skeletal pattern with large overjet, Angle class II, tooth #12 presented with external cervical root resorption.

Treatment Overview:
After discussion, we decided to extract her upper lateral incisors instead of 1st premolars, and substitute with upper canines to correct her excessive overjet and improve her convex profile. The canines were grinded to mimic the morphology of the lateral incisors. After two years of treatment, our treatment goals were achieved, and patient was satisfied with the treatment result.

When considering canine substitution, care must be taken to harmonize the anterior esthetics, especially the tooth-size discrepancies, difference in morphologies, and mimicking the nature of gingival line.

Substitution of Bilateral Maxillary Lateral Incisors and Canines: A Case Report