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Main Instructor Hsin-Yi Lo
Liang-Ru Chen
Kwong-Wa Li
Ming-Lun Hong
Department / Institution Division of Orthodontics, Veterans General Hospital,Taichung
Classification Case report
Severe skeletal Class II malocclusion is the most challenge therapy that the orthodontist might comfront. The treatment option include orthodontic camouflage treatment and surgical correction of the skeletal discrepancy depends on the complication of the case and the patient’s decision.
In this case presentation ,we compared the treatment outcome, using orthodontic camouflage method, of two sisters who had severe skeletal Class II discrepancy(ANB =7.5o & 7.0o) with large overjet and hyperdivergent facial pattern(MPA=42o & 45o).Moreover, they were transferal cases. When they came to our hospital for help, the younger sister had iatrogenic external root resorption due to previously orthodontic treatment .Radiograpically , the lateral cephalometric view showed that the root apex against the outer cortical bone and bony penetration was noted .The upper incisor lost torque control(U1-SN=75o) and the facial appearance was quite unpleasant.
With the help of mini-screws, we resolved most of the iatrogenic problems : the older sister showed a mandibular counterclockwise rotation(MPA from 42o to 39o) with the aids of both IZC and buccal shelf TADs ,and the younger sister had her upper central incisor back to the alveolar bony housing, root movement 7mm sagittally and the torque of the upper incisor was regained (U1-SN from 75o to 85o) with the help aifs of upper anterior TAD.
Although the external root resorption was worsen due to the large distance of root movement, the final treatment outcomes were acceptable of these two cases.
Orthodontic Camouflage Treatment with Severe Skeletal Class II Discrepancy : 2 Cases Comparison