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Gannaran Narangerel
Gannaran Narangerel
Main Instructor Hsin-Chung Cheng
Gin-Chia Yeh
Department / Institution Orthodontic Division of Dental department, Taipei Medical University Hospital
Classification Research report
Objectives: The aim of this study is to investigate the perceptions and attitudes of Mongolian subjects toward their dental appearance and to compare the perception of dental appearance between the investigators and the subjects. Then to determine the factors affecting on patient’s perception and attitude toward various malocclusion.
Material & Methods: The study was conducted between late June-August in 2019. A total of 133 participants (53 males and 80 females) aged 18-55years (average= 32±8.99) from General Dentistry department of Mongolian National University of Medical Science’s Dental clinic were selected via random sampling. Participants were questioned to select which photograph of the– “Aesthetic Component of the Index of Orthodontic Treatment Need” (IOTN-AC) and “Aesthetic Component of Lateral Occlusion” (AC-LO) is most closely matched their orthodontic aesthetic self-perception of their anterior teeth appearance and lateral occlusion. Subjects also asked to select which of the intraoral lateral photographs of AC-LO is showing the normal occlusion. One-way ANOVA was used to analyze the association between variables.  
Results: Correlation existed between the researcher’s and participant’s AC scores. (p<0.01) 85.7% of subjects were able to select the normal occlusion from six separately lettered (A-F) lateral photographs of 6 malocclusions. As the results of the AC-LO evaluation there was significant statistical difference between evaluated diagnosis and patient’s occlusion perception. 
Conclusion: Among Mongolian participant’s evaluation results, patient’s perception of their own occlusion was not identical with researcher’s perception of malocclusion. Patients perceived self- perception was greater than researchers.   
The Study of Perception and Attitude on Malocclusion Among Mongolian People