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Main Instructor
Department / Institution Orthodontic Department Changhua Christian Hopital
Classification Case report
Scissors bite is observed most in the maxillary and mandibular second molars. Some treatment techniques have been proposed to treat scissors bite in the posterior molars: interarch cross-elastic, edgewise bracket appliance, transpalatal arch appliance with intraarch elastic, and lingual arch appliance with intraarch elastic. However, these procedures might generate extrusive forces on the second molars in both jaws and might induce an unfavorable decrease in overbite, clockwise rotation of the mandible, and premature contact at posterior teeth. In addition, treatment results might depend on patient cooperation if interarch elastic is added in treatment.
Recently, dental mini-implants, miniplates, and miniscrews have been used as skeletal anchorage. Skeletal anchorage provides stationary anchorage for various tooth movements without the need for active patient compliance and with no undesirable side effects. Titanium miniscrews especially have gradually gained acceptance for stationary anchorage because they provide clinical advantages such as minimal anatomic limitations on placement, lower medical costs, and simpler placement with less invasive surgery. In this case, we demonstrate a simple and fast method that can be used to correct molar scissors bite with the use of miniscrews.
Orthodontic Treatment for Bilateral Posterior Scissors Bite with Miniscrews- Case Report