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Main Instructor Yu-Chun Lin
Chiao-Yi Kao
Yu-Chuan Tseng
Department / Institution Department of Orthodontic, Kaohsiung Medical University Hospital, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Classification Case report
It is well known that Class II malocclusion often combined with excessive overjet and severe deepbite. Among them, deep overbite correction and maintenance is truly a challenge. This case report represents a successful treatment of lower anterior teeth intrusion using TADs and segmented wires in case of Class II malocclusion with severe deepbite.
The case presented is a report of 23-year-old male patient who came to our department with
chief complaint of buck teeth and protrusive lips. Clinical examination revealed bilateral Class II molar relation, impinging deepbite, and excessive overjet. In addition, deep curve of Spee caused by mandibular incisors over-eruption were also noticed. According to the cephalometric
analysis, skeletal Class II relationship with hyperdivergent facial pattern was diagnosed.
After discussing possible treatment plan with patient, he hoped to avoid orthognathic surgery for the reason of too invasive procedure. Both upper first premolars extraction was planned for large overjet correction. For the lower anterior teeth intrusion to correct deepbite, segmented wires and miniscrews were placed between bilateral interradicular area. After the procedure, the
mandibular incisors had been intruded by 5 mm successfully.
After 29 months of treatment, anterior deepbite and excessive overjet were corrected. Hrmonious facial profile was also achieved.
Deep overbite is corrected by anterior teeth intrusion or posterior teeth extrusion typically. In this case, posterior teeth extrusion is not appropriate because it will worse the facial esthetics of this patient. By the use of miniscrews and segmented wires, the lower anterior teeth were intruded successfully. The stable occlusion provided long term stability after treatment.
Orthodontic Correction of A Class II Deep Overbite with TADs – A Case Report