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Main Instructor Yi-Hsuan Chen
Department / Institution Department of Craniofacial Orthodontics, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Linkou branch, Taiwan
Classification Case report
A 16 year-old young male was referred to our clinic due to bilateral deeply horizontal impacted lower second molars and bilateral third molars were mesially impacted on top of the lower second molars. He was also diagnosed as skeletal Cl II relationship and dental Angle’s Class I anterior crowding. Treatment was initiated by removal of bilateral lower third molars and placement of bilateral lower temporary anchorage advice (TADs) over ramus to facilitate uprighting and eruption of the bilateral lower second molars. After six months of treatment, bilateral lower second molars were uprighted and erupted into occlusion, full mouth fixed orthodontic appliances were then bonded. Upper first premolars and lower second premolars were extracted for crowding relief and better profile achievement. Within total 2.5 years of treatment, well-aligned dentition, good occlusion, and harmony lateral facial profile were achieved; furthermore, bilateral lower second molars had been successfully uprighted in proper position without evidence of alveolar bone problems.
A Case of Class I Anterior Crowding with Bilateral Severely Horizontally Impacted Mandibular Second Molars