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Main Instructor Wen-Ken Tai
Kai-Sheng Lu
Chih-Chen Chou
Chia-Tze Kao
Department / Institution Orthodontic Department, Chung Shan Medical University Hospital
Classification Case report
「Objective」: Incisor trauma is common in children and may cause complications during the growth. The aim of this case report is to discuss how orthodontic treatment of traumatic anterior open bite.
「Case」:This is a 18 years old female, with anterior open bite. As patient’s described, she fell down and knocked her upper incisors when she was 8 years old. Oral exmination, it is found upper central incisor and lateral incisor were intruted with upper right lateral incisor crown fracture. The doctor suggested her upper right lateral incisor needed endodontic treatment and should follow up. Aside from 12 endodontic treatment, no further examination or active treatment was undertaken until she was 18 years old. We found upper right lateral incisor root was resorption, over bite was -3mm, incisor show was 90%, high mandibular plane angle(MP-SN=36°), straight profile and Angle’s molar class I malocclusion. The treatment plan was decided to extract upper right lateral incisor and closed the missing lateral incisor space with canine substitution, correct the anterior open bite by intrusion of upper molar by temporary anchorage device.Totally orthodontic treatment took 3 years and 7 months, the final results are acceptable with harmonious profile and stable occlusion.
「Discussion and Summary」: Children might more prone to traumatic injuries to anterior teeth, and would cause anterior teeth ankylosis subsequently. In a growing child, ankylosis may cause deleterious effects on occlusal development. It is important to diagnose teeth whether ankylosis or not. To correct dental anterior open bite, one may choose intrusion of posterior teeth or extrusion of anterior teeth. According to this case, the patient was with increased posterior mandibular height, high mandibular plane angle (MP-SN=36°) and sufficient incisor show(90%) but without ankylosis of incisor, thus we choose the intrusion of upper molar with temporary anchorage device to correst anterior open bite.

Orthodontic Treatment of Anterior Open Bite due to Traumatic Intrusion of Incisors-Case Report