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Dorota Kustrzycka
Dorota Kustrzycka
Main Instructor Marcin Mikulewicz
Department / Institution Division of Facial Abnormalities, Department of Maxillofacial Orthopedics and Orthodontics, Wroclaw Medical University, POLAND
Classification Case report
Introduction: Submucous cleft palate (SMCP) belongs to a group of isolated cleft of the secondary palate which occurs from 1,1 to even 2,5% and is a cleft of the soft tissues. In some of those patients a maxillary hypoplasia can occur due to the lack of potential growth of the maxilla.
Diagnosis: 11 year old female with cleft of the soft palate and maxillary hypoplasia presented reversed overjet and crowding in upper and lower arch with no space for upper canines. Clinical examination showed a slight concave facial profile, tense lips. Cephalometric analysis showed dolichofacial patient with Class III skeletal pattern. Dental relationship was Angle Class III on both sides and canine class III on right side with cross bite it the front. The panoramic radiograph showed all permanent teeth and teeth buds present.
Treatment Overview: Treatment goals were to protrude the maxilla and expand the arches. The first phase of the orthodontic treatment was treatment with the use of Hyrax appliance and face mask for 6 months. Straight after a fixed appliance was placed with TPA. During the treatment patient wore class III elastics and IPR was proceeded. As a retention a splint in an upper arch and fixed retainer in the lower arch were placed.
Conclusion: In patients with maxillary hypoplasia it is important to start with the skeletal correction in the proper age and with the good cooperation with the patient results are satisfactory and stable.
Non-extraction Orthodontic Treatment of A Patient with Cleft of The Soft Palate and Maxillary Hypoplasia with The Use of Face Mask and Hyrax Appliance Protocol