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Intan Oktaviona
Intan Oktaviona
Main Instructor I B. Narmada
Department / Institution Department of Orthodontic, Airlangga University, Indonesia
Classification Case report
Objective: The treatment were performed to correct the malocclusion without extraction of the tooth using straight wire system fixed orthodontic appliance.
Case: A 19 years old female came with a chief complaint of protusive upper teeth. Intraoral examination revealed Angle Class I with traumatic deep bite. Patient had palatally inclined maxillary central incisor, labially flared maxillary lateral incisors, exaggerated lower curve of spee, and crowding. Extra oral findings included a convex profile with competent lips. Cephalometric analysis showed skeletal class II with a protusive maxilla with greater vertical growth of the mandible and proclination of upper incisors. Patient was treated with straight wire system fixed orthodontic appliance without extraction. During the treatment, patient was instructed to use intermaxillary elastic band class II to correct the relation of canine and molar. After 16 months of treatment, an ideal arch coordination was achieved, the patient feel confident and satisfied with the treatment outcome.
Discussion and Summary: The treatment of malocclusion class II division 2 with traumatic deep bite without extraction using MBT bracket in adult patient shows good result. The using of reverse curve arch to flare lower jaw assisted with enamel stripping can aid correction of deep over bite. Enamel stripping in the upper jaw and the using of T-loop assisted the reduction of overjet and giving intrusion effect in the upper teeth to correct the deep bite.
Department of Orthodontic, Airlangga University, Indonesia