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Main Instructor Te-Ju Wu
Department / Institution Orthodontic Department, Kaohsiung Chang Gung Memorial Hospital
Classification Case report
Radiotherapy to treat pediatric orofacial cancer may affect the dental or craniofacial bone development. causing dental agenesis, dental hypoplasia, root blunting, enamel hypoplasia, and obvious facial asymmetry. The orthodontic managements for these patients need comprehensive evaluation to make the proper treatment plans. Through this case we would like to demonstrate how we overcome the difficulties to achieve treatment objects in patients receiving early radiotherapy.
「Case report」
A 20-year-old male came with the concern about facial asymmetry and malocclusion. Our clinical and radiographic examination revealed facial asymmetry with chin deviation to the left side, maxillary hypoplasia, Class III malocclusion with occlusal canting, multiple carious teeth and root blunting. After careful evaluation, the patient received the orthodontic treatment combined with the orthognathic surgery, and also had free fat graft injection in the left hemiface.
「Discussion and Summary」
When treating patients receiving early radiotherapy, we may face unusual challenges. There are several issues to be considered including comprehensive examination and sufficient communication.Therefore, we would present the treatment progress and advisable solutions to these challenging issues.

Orthodontic Treatment Strategies for Patient Receiving Early Radiotherapy- A Case Report